Category: Wedding photography in Lucca

Lucca is one of the cities of Tuscany we love the most. Surrounded majestic walls, it is a small gem of Tuscany.
Being wedding photographers in this beautiful city is always a pleasure.
It is, in fact, a modern city but at the same time the walls of the center maintain the old look and charm of a large medieval city.

The place to celebrate a wedding in Lucca is Palazzo Orsetti. In its Green Hall is where all civil marriages are held. It’s a small room with green upholstery and golden ornaments, very elegant and intimate.

Lucca is a wonderful town where to host wedding photography with the bride and groom. The most beautiful and characteristic places are without a doubt the following: the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, an elliptical square which was originally an ancient Roman amphitheater, Piazza San Michele, Piazza Napoleone with its beautiful Palazzo Ducale and its courtyards interior is a great location for a photo shoot of the happy couple.

The most characteristic and charming place for a wedding photo shoot in Lucca is undoubtely the part of the walls. It is a pedestrian loop of about 4 km. with large trees and lawns on the wall where you have a beautiful view of the city.