Ostuni Workshop – Wedding photography

This is one of the most exciting experience of the year.

I never attended any workshops before so this was my first time and I found it an amazing chance to have more inspiration, more motivation and to get more consistency of my views.

So I was 5 days in an incredible location: Masseria Montenapoleone in Ostuni with about 80 crazy mates like me to attend and sharing an incredible atmosphere.
I had the chance to meet amazing speakers: Adrian Wood, Marko Marinkovic, Gabe McClintok, Paul Liebt Paula, Mark Pacura, Vicky Baumann, Nadia Meli, Brancoprata and Alessio Albi sharing their visions and their experience. It was really beautiful and I have to thanks all of them for their presence!

Obviously a very big special thanks goes to Gianluca and Mary Adovasio for the great organization and their very great job to make it happens!

I had the opportunity to listen their keynote, to see them shooting and to shot with them as well and during one of this shooting I took few pictures to tell about the atmosphere.

What I bring at homs is someting that I didn’t expect before, lot of connections with other photographers, tons of notes and tons of homeworks but most of all tons of stuff to think about. 🙂 Now enjoy the pictures!



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