Packaging for Wedding Photographer | Glass Box 5×7″

UPDATE – Nov. 22, 2019

My new wedding packaging with a glass box with 5×7 prints and a crystal flash usb.

My previous wedding package was an hand made with wood material as you can read below. It was so beautiful but it cames the time to change it after 2 years! 🙂

Now everything is changed! I chose for an elegant glass box 5×7 with photos inside plus a crystal flash usb with the digital files uploaded.

Here below you can find some photos, and down the old post with the old package!

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Old Post

Packaging for Wedding Photographers

It’s your name; it’s your brand. You want the best for it!
For this reason, I decided from the beginning to think about good packaging for my services.

In this post, I’ll speak about my own experiences with packaging and how I made it. It might sound like a sort of guide, but it’s more. I’ll also give you some inspiration in how to create original, wedding packaging!

The point is that your packaging needs to be original and, most of all, it needs to reflect you and your services.

My Wedding Packaging

I created packaging when we first started Qualcosa di Blu in 2011, and it has remained the same up until recently when I decided it was perhaps time to change and renew it.
The previous packaging was completely handmade in cotton, and contained a USB key with the event photos and the DVD slideshow.

My new wedding packaging is made with cork on the outside and cotton inside, 100% natural. Like the previous packaging, it contains a USB with photos, the DVD slideshow and also some fine-art prints in cotton paper. This is a handmade creation and completely original.

Here below you can see some photos and also a video!

How I made my Packaging for Wedding Photography

I’m a wedding photographer and I’m able to take beautiful pictures, no problem. However, I don’t have the ability to create wedding packaging by myself!
I had two choices:

– 1. Buy the wedding packaging directly from companies that are producing these kind of products, such as Wooden Banana or other similar companies online.
This is a valid option and many photographers choose these kind of services to get their wedding packaging.

– 2. Create something that was mine, something both original and authentic. In other words, create something completely from scratch. It wasn’t the easy way, because it would require a lot of time and thought.

Of course, I chose the second! So, I found and contacted a person who was able—thanks to her experience—to create the wedding packaging from scratch:
Lara from Cucistorie, based in Florence.

We met up and spoke a lot about the project and I left her with the inspiration to carry out the full design for the packaging.
I just told her which items I would be putting inside and that’s all—I trusted her.

After very little time had passed, she presented me with a sample of what she had created and I was completely astonished! What she proposed was something I had never seen before, using cork to make the packaging was an absolutely genius idea. I loved it at first sight!

Then we finalized the details and everything else, and after a month, the packaging was ready!

How to make original Packaging for Wedding Photographers

Based on personal experience, I would like to give you some advice on how you can proceed if you’re thinking about making wedding packaging to deliver to your couples!

It’s not really a full guide, but contains some good ideas to follow. Obviously, the rest is up to you!
These below are some points you should follow:

First, think about what you’re going to deliver to your couple—only a USB key or will you also possibly include prints with a DVD or maybe even some gadgets as decorations?
So, think about which items you’ll include inside the packaging.

 Think about the material you want to give to your couple. It can be a natural textile, wood, synthetic fiber, plastic or carton….
Try to decide which material, in your opinion, best represents you and your brand.

 Get as much inspiration as possible. Pinterest and Etsy are a couple of places where you could get some good ideas for your wedding packaging. 
Try to look at these pins:
Pinterest Wedding Photo Packaging
And try to take a look at some handmade product on Etsy here:
Etsy Photo Packaging
Take a look at other photographer’s packaging to see what they’re doing and also.

? After you have decided everything above, you need to start looking for a person who could create the final product for you using your chosen material—someone that has experience with this material and that you think can create what you had in mind for your creative packaging.
Usually artisans are the right people! And he/she should be an artistic person and a dreamer like you so that they can feel the same way about the project as you feel about it…this is one of the most important things!!

 Ok…now you can prepare your ideas and speak deeply about your packaging. You can decide how it should be and find the best solution.
Make many proofs, try many things, and then change them around—maybe even changing the original idea! Don’t fall in love with one idea. Be open to new inspiration or suggestions.
Finally, I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect idea for your wedding packaging!
Now you’re ready to create it!

Ideas and Inspiration from other Wedding Photographers

I’ll speak about the packaging of some other Italian wedding photographers that we love to give you some good inspiration.
Here below I’ve listed three links to wedding packaging in three different materials—in wood, carton and raw material from the earth. Enjoy and get inspired!

Are you looking for more inspiration? Here you go! More sources that could be interesting for you! These below are some collections of the best wedding photographer packaging from all over the world and I’m sure that you’ll find something of use!


This was my experience in creating wedding packaging. There were days and days spent thinking about this, as well as hours upon hours of searching on Google to find ideas and inspiration.
Hopefully, this post will help you collect some good stuff and will make the work a little easier!
And if you like it, please leave a comment—I would be very grateful!


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