Top things to see and to do in Lucca

Lucca is one of my favourite city in tuscany and I’m here with a list of nice places to see in Lucca, as well as where to go to have a beautiful photo shoot of your wedding. 🙂

After the article I posted on the best places to have a photo shoot in Florence, I am now busy with the writing of other articles full of ideas on where to go, what to do and what to see in Tuscany.

This time around I’m going to speak about Lucca!

Well, there are many reasons why I have fallen in love with this city. The top one is the wonderful air that you breathe in along the small streets of the historic center. Walking in the center of Lucca, cycling on its majestic walls, or savoring little treasures of food and wine in its small shops are a truly unique experience!

I am a wedding photographer and I often find myself doing photo shoots in this city. That’s why I would like to talk about some of the most interesting places I have found myself working and other reasons that make Lucca a city worth visiting.

Here are a list of places that are perfect for a couples photo shoot, but they are also very nice to visit even if you are only in Lucca as a tourist. 🙂

Let’s start!

  1. The walls of Lucca

It’s definitely one of the first things you see when you get to Lucca. The city wall (one of the best preserved in the world) certainly will not go unnoticed and is one of the features that makes Lucca such a unique city. It encircles the city and is completely walkable and cyclable, making it a unique place to do so, while relaxing amongst the trees and admiring the panoramic view of the entire city from above.

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Nice sit place on the walls of Lucca A nice view of the walls of Lucca Discovering the walls of Lucca Details of the walls of Lucca A nice walk on the walls of Lucca Beautiful walls of Lucca A curious passage inside the walls of Lucca Inside of the walls of Lucca Ancient ruins of the walls of Lucca Tunnel inside the walls of Lucca

  1. Passages inside the wall

In some points along the wall of Lucca, there are also internal pathways, thanks to redevelopment over the years. They are well-accessible, for example ‘La Sortita di San Martino’ and ‘La Sortita di San Paolino’.

Passage thru the walls of Lucca Passage inside the walls of Lucca Magic inside the walls of Lucca

  1. Botanical Garden of Lucca

Surely a walk in the botanical garden is something that will help you regenerate your body and mind. Entering into this beautiful setting, full of endless species of trees and plants, is like catapulting into another dimension in which silence and peace reign. There is an ancient legend that mysteriously surrounds the small pond of the botanical garden. It is said that Lucida Mansi, a beautiful, young woman belonging to one of the most rich and powerful families of Lucca, traded her soul with the devil to keep her beauty intact. Then, thirty years later the devil himself came to collect on the pact, taking her away on a fiery carriage, which careened into the small pond.

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Trees at the bothanical garden in Lucca Nice view of the bothanical garden of Lucca Bothanical garden of Lucca Esotical plants at bothanical garden in Lucca Small lake inside the bothanical garden of Lucca Small lake of the bothanical garden in Lucca Footbridge on the lake at the bothanical garden of Lucca

  1. Piazza Napoleone

This is the largest square in Lucca and is one of the nerve centers of the city. Every July, it hosts the Lucca Summer Festival, one of the most important international music festivals. For info click here! ! http://www.summer-festival.com/home It can be said that it is an excellent starting point for a nice walk to discover the historic city center.

View of Piazza Napoleone in Lucca Nice trees in Piazza Napoleone in Lucca Typical tuscan style building in Lucca Passage on Piazza Napoleone in Lucca

  1. Palazzo Ducale

On one side of Piazza Bonaparte is the Palazzo Ducale, seat of the Province of Lucca. Enter in and take a look at the Swiss courtyard, or take a walk in the Loggia degli Ammannati and look out on the monumental staircase that leads inside the building.

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Palazzo Ducale in Lucca Loggia degli Abati Loggia degli Abati Lucca Palazzo Ducale in Lucca courtyard Palazzo ducale Lucca Scala regia Inside Palazzo Ducale in Lucca A window in Palazzo Ducale Lucca Spectacular view from a window of Palazzo Ducale in Lucca Frescos in the major hall at Palazzo Ducale Lucca Amazing hall in Palazzo Ducale Lucca Frescos at Palazzo Ducale Lucca Wonderful corridor at Palazzo ducale Big window with beautiful light in the corridor at Palazzo Ducale Lucca

  1. Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca

If you pay close attention to the facade of this church, you will definitely notice the curious asymmetry—a curious detail and it’s not the only one! Discover all the special features of this cathedral here! The square and its surrounding area is perfect for a photo shoot!

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Dome of the Lucca Cathedral of San Martino Lucca Detail of Cathedral of San Martino Lucca View of the Cathedral of San Martino Lucca Square of Cathedral of San Martino Lucca

  1. Guinigi Tower and the Clock Tower

In Lucca in antiquity there were many towers. The richest families would build one in order to demonstrate their wealth and power. There was a sort of competition with those who managed to build them higher, but this meant that over the years many collapsed without leaving a trace.

Of those remaining today, the most well-known are basically two: Guinigi Tower and the Clock Tower. Guinigi Tower has the unique feature of having a small garden on top with four oak trees.

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Torre Guinigi in Lucca Torre Guinigi in Lucca Inside Torre Guinigi Lucca Stairs inside Torre Guinigi Lucca Clock Tower Lucca Clock Tower and Guinigi Tower in Lucca Guinigi Tower in Lucca

  1. Church of San Michele

Piazza San Michele with its church is one of the most considerable monumental works of Lucca. This square is also one of the largest in Lucca and is a great point of intersection between the small streets of the historic center.

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Church of San Michele Detail of Church of San Michele Church of San Michele Square of San Michele in Lucca

  1. The Streets of Lucca

Getting lost in the small streets of Lucca and strolling through its narrow streets is one of the activities that I love doing when I’m in Lucca.

Discovering new glimpses, new buildings and exploring the light in the center are some of the things that I recommend!

Streets of Lucca Bicycle in Lcca Nice view of the streets in Lucca Streets of Lucca Light on the streets of Lucca Vespa parked in Lucca

  1. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is one of the most famous squares in Italy; you can not leave Lucca without seeing it!

Its characteristic oval shape is due to the fact that in Roman times this square held an amphitheater. The four arches from which you can enter the square today are originally where the gladiators entered the arena.

If you walk along the road that runs along the outer perimeter, you will notice some traces of the old arches in some places.

Piazza dell'anfiteatro Lucca Nice view of Piazza dell'Anfiteatro in Lucca

  1. Villa Bottini

Villa Bottini is an extraordinary pearl in the center of Lucca. Do not miss the opportunity to visit and take a walk in its magnificent park!

You can also decide to celebrate your wedding here! All the infos here!

Park of VIlla Bottini in Lucca Villa Bottini in LuccaAncient ruins inside the park of Villa Bottini in Lucca

  1. Real College

This is a historic building dating back to the sixth century. Over the centuries, it has hosted a convent attached to the Basilica of San Frediano, a public library, the University of Lucca and a college called “real”.

Today it is a space that welcomes initiatives, events, shows and exhibitions for cultural promotion throughout the territory.
The inner courtyards and the loggias are beautiful to see!

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Loggiato in Real Collegio in Lucca Real Collegio in Lucca Nice place inside the Real Collegio in Lucca

  1. Chapel of San Guinigi Complex of San Francesco

This is another very interesting monumental complex to see. The church has been deconsecrated and is used as a conference area or concert hall. The former convent has been restored and now houses the IMT Academy for Doctoral Studies.

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Complex of San Francesco in Lucca Complex of San Francesco in Lucca Loggiato inside the complex of San Francesco in Lucca Park of the complex of San Francesco in Lucca Parcheggio ex caserma Mazzini Lucca Ex Caserma Mazzini in Lucca Park ex caserma Mazzini in Lucca

  1. Museo Villa Guinigi and Palazzo Mansi

If you are curious about how the richest families of Lucca lived during ancient times, you should definitely visit at least one of these two museums!

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Courtyard of Palazzo Mansi in Lucca Detail of Palazzo Mansi in Lucca Golden Hall of Palazzo Mansi in Lucca Museum of Palazzo Mansi in Lucca Rooms inside Palazzo Mansi in Lucca Room at Palazzo Mansi in Lucca

  1. Palazzo Pfanner

This palace is one of the best known in Lucca, and certainly if you have a watchful eye, you may remember seeing it in a film or two. In fact, Palazzo Pfanner was the setting for many well-known films including “Il Marchese del Grillo” by Mario Monicelli and “The Portrait of a Lady” with Nicole Kidman.
The gardens of this palace are magnificent and I definitely recommend visiting them!

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Palazzo Pfanner Detail of a statue at Palazzo Pfanner Lucca Garden of Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca Detail of the garden at Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca Statue inside the garden of Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca Cane thicket inside the garden of Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca a Glimpse of Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca Palazzo Pfanner with its garden in Lucca

Ok, let’s say that I could end it here but if you have some other favourite places to submit in this list, don’t hesitate to write down! 🙂


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