Best wedding venues in Tuscany

Organizing a wedding in Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in life.

In this post I will list the Best Wedding Venues in Tuscany, those in which I have worked on photoshoots and for some reason have remained among my favorites.

There are many locations where you can celebrate a wedding and they are often very different from each other.

I hope to provide some useful suggestions if you have not yet found your wedding venue in Tuscany!

You can browse them also using this quick links or if you prefer just scroll the page down!

Now it’s time to get straight to the point and start with the list!

Wedding Venues in Florence:

Castello di Oliveto – Castelfiorentino, Florence

Are you looking for a medieval castle for your wedding?

The Castello di Oliveto is a spectacular building dating back to the fifteenth century. It is a  rectangular-based castle with brick walls and four towers.

The beautiful internal courtyard is a perfect location for a wedding reception and the perfectly-groomed Italian outdoor garden can be an ideal place for a ceremony.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

Oliveto Castle Oliveto Castle internal courtyard Oliveto Castle internal courtyard by night

Vincigliata Castle – Fiesole, Florence

This is probably the most amazing and breathtaking castle of Tuscany.

If you’re dreaming a romantic and a fairtale wedding this is probably a venue that you might take in consideration.

Unfortunately at the moment is temporarely not available due to renovations. I’ll keep you updated when it will began to be available again.

vincigliata castle courtyard vincigliata castle florence vincigliata castle garden florence vincigliata castle fiesole florence courtyard vincigliata castle florence dinner setting couple of newlywed at vincigliata castle florence romantic couple at vincigliata castle couple just married at vincigliata castle florence

Fattoria di Montecchio – San Donato in Poggio, Florence

If you love a typical Tuscan-style alfresco dinner, do not miss out on this venue!

The Fattoria di Montecchio is the perfect place for a romantic wedding in the Tuscan hills of Chianti.

Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, this location is a gem that is worth seeing and evaluating!

There are many exceptional outdoor spaces, starting with the courtyard of the manor house. Then there is also a side garden, woods and a panoramic terrace at the back of the farm.

Inside the estate, there is a farmhouse with beds, a swimming pool and a small church where you can celebrate religious ceremonies.

There are many spots to hold a photoshoot that are extremely striking, due to the dramatic light that filters in through the olive trees, cypresses and vineyards.

Fattoria Montecchio Villa Fattoria Montecchio main street entrance Fattoria Montecchio wedding tables and decorations in the garden Fattoria Montecchio Aisle with candles

Villa Cora – Florence

One of the luxury hotels in the center of Florence—and perhaps the most beautiful!

Villa Cora has interiors that are unique and resonate to perfection in a classic style.

Everything is in harmony and cared for in an impeccable manner.

This location offers the possibility to celebrate weddings there and is most certainly suitable for elegant weddings.

To highlight the venue, the gardens and outdoor park surely offer the most enchanting places to do a photoshoot.

Villa cora Villa Cora garden Villa cora garden and swimming pool Villa cora beautiful room

Villa il Petriccio – Montespertoli, Florence

Elegant and rustic at the same time. Villa il Petriccio is a location that is very beautiful, especially because of its position with a panoramic view.

Celebrating a wedding here has the advantage of having large dining rooms for receptions and dancing until late at night.

It is surrounded by olive trees and vineyards and is certainly one of the most beautiful areas for couples.

Villa il petriccio Villa il petriccio main street entrance

Borgo della Meliana – Gambassi Terme, Florence

I love this place!

Il Borgo della Meliana is romantic, elegant and at the same time, rustic.

Perfect for a wedding!

It is a really small village with renovated stone cottages to stay in. The outdoor spaces are very large, especially the pool area and the driveway area.

It is just a few minutes from Certaldo and has a beautiful panoramic view of the Tuscan countryside!

Absolutely not to be missed!

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

borgo della meliana wedding ceremony spot garden borgo della meliana surrounding borgo della meliana apartments borgo della meliana

Belmond Villa San Michele – Fiesole, Florence

This is one of the most luxurious villas in Florence.

Celebrating a wedding here is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in the Florentine city.

Being located in Fiesole in the Florentine hills, it boasts an incredible view over the whole city.

The interiors are wonderful. It’s a dream location and even the outside part with the panoramic terrace garden is amazing!

The villa also has a church where religious marriages can be celebrated.

villa san michele wedding decorations by night villa san michele wedding decorations villa san michele wedding tables villa san michele wedding

Antica Fattoria Di Paterno – Montespertoli, Florence

A panoramic view of the Tuscan hills with a terrace overlooking the sunset and magnificent lighting. The gardens are filled with statues and decorations and there is a wonderful park and swimming pool for a photoshoot.

What else could one ask for in a wedding location?

The Antica Fattoria of Paterno has all of these things, plus incredible elegance!

antica fattoria di paterno garden antica fattoria di paterno antica fattoria di paterno wedding tables antica fattoria di paterno garden and swimming pool

Villa Dianella – Vinci, Florence

When looking for elegance in a wedding, Villa Dianella is without a doubt the best choice, both refined and luxurious.

The interiors are wonderful, especially the very large room with windows where the tables are set up for dinner.

There are perfectly maintained gardens all around the villa where guests can entertain themselves while enjoying aperitifs and appetizers in complete relaxation.

There is also a small hidden garden behind the villa and a small church—a perfect place for a photoshoot!

Villa Dianella garden Villa Dianella details Villa Dianella wedding hall with tables Villa Dianella

Villa Le Corti – San Casciano Val di Pesa, Florence

A beautiful and impressive villa located on top of a hill, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

It is ideal for a luxury wedding with many guests as it is very spacious.

The whole villa is surrounded on all sides by a large park and a magnificent Italian garden, perfect for a photoshoot.

Inside the villa, there is a loggia that is often used for cutting the cake and for the party.

Villa le corti garden villa le corti garden villa le corti italian garden

Castello di Montegufoni – Montespertoli, Florence

In a word, WONDERFUL! This castle is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in which I have found myself shooting photos.

It has a beautiful room overlooking an Italian garden and a terrace with a panoramic view of the Tuscan hills.

The interiors of the villa are well-maintained, down to the smallest details, and the two inner courtyards with loggias are a beautiful setting for a couples photoshoot.

The castle is surrounded by a park with olive and cypress trees and a monumental fountain.

The castle of Montegufoni is the ideal place for an elegant and refined luxury wedding.

castello di montegufoni garden castello di montegufoni internal courtyard castello di montegufoni italian garden castello di montegufoni courtyard castello di montegufoni galleria room

Castello di Santa Maria Novella – Fiano, Florence

A beautiful medieval castle located in the middle of Tuscany, in the province of Florence.

In front, there is a large garden, shaded by a magnificent tree. This is where weddings are usually celebrated and dinner tables set up.

Inside, there is a large courtyard that is often used for dances or aperitifs.

It’s a very interesting location, particularly because of the interiors that are very well-kept.

There are many interesting spots where you can take pictures of couples, for example, along the small hedge maze that leads to the pool, or in the small grove adjacent to the castle and then naturally amongst the olive groves and vineyards.

Surely, one of the most striking places is at the top of the tower.

Castello di Santa Maria Novella front Castello di Santa Maria Novella courtyard Castello di Santa Maria Novella big tree ceremony spot Castello di Santa Maria Novella wedding dinner

Tenuta il Salviatino – Fiesole, Florence

Located in the Florentine hills of Fiesole, this villa offers incredible views out over Florence.

If you are planning a luxury wedding in Tuscany, this is definitely a location that you must visit!

tenuta il salviatino panoramic view tenuta il salviatino interior suite

Wedding Venues in Siena:

Relais La Suvera – Pievescola, Siena

If you are looking for a luxury location for your wedding, look no further.

I must admit that this place is one of the most beautiful and fascinating that I’ve ever seen.

A luxury relais with maniacal care for every detail. In this case, it is also a historic residence located in the heart of Tuscany, near Siena.

The interiors and rooms are ablaze with works of art, tapestries, antiques and collectibles of enormous value.

The outdoor gardens are wonderful and enriched by numerous statues. There is also a small natural pond inside a grove.

Religious marriages can be celebrated at the church there.

The view from the panoramic terrace is truly magical! Must be seen—absolutely!

relais la suvera relais la suvera details relais la suvera main entrance relais la suvera wedding dinner hall relais la suvera gardens

Borgo Casabianca – Asciano, Siena

A beautiful and typical Tuscan village in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany: Asciano.

Celebrating a wedding in this relais is definitely one of those type of experiences that will leave you breathless! Rooms and apartments are furnished in a rustic yet elegant style.

There is also a church where religious marriages can be celebrated.

The top two things that I really like about Borgo Casabianca are the garden with pine trees, which create a fantastic lighting effect in the late afternoon, and the driveway lined with cypress trees. An ideal place to set up a couples photoshoot.

borgo casabianca swimming pool borgo casabianca wedding decorations borgo casabianca garden borgo casabianca cypresses road

Tenuta Bichi Borghesi – Casole d’Elsa, Siena

This is a beautiful estate, which is also very scenic thanks to its unique entrance driveway lined with very well-maintained high hedges.

Celebrating a wedding in this paradise is a truly enchanting experience.

There are beautiful Italian gardens in front with perfect lighting for a photoshoot.

This location is very elegant yet still manages to keep its Tuscan-style charm intact.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

tenuta bichi borghesi wedding couple tenuta bichi borghesi wedding flower decorations ceremony tenuta bichi borghesi wedding tables tenuta bichi borghesi wedding dinner

Agriturismo Croce di Bibbiano – Poggibonsi, Siena

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, near San Gimignano, it is certainly the wedding location that I know best.

I’ve worked here often and can say without a shadow of a doubt that I know it very well.

There is a beautiful panoramic garden overlooking the towers of San Gimignano, which is definitely the most striking feature of this location.

There are some spectacular vineyards that get lit by the sunset and a typical Tuscan-style, cypress-lined entrance driveway.

croce di bibbiano courtyard croce di bibbiano restaurant garden croce di bibbiano cypresses road croce di bibbiano wedding table

Poderi Arcangelo Agriturismo – San Gimignano, Siena

It is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding if you are looking for the perfect Tuscan-style one!

It is located halfway between Certaldo and San Gimignano in one of the most beautiful Tuscan hill areas.

Poderi Arcangelo is located on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.

Ideal if you are looking for peace and relaxation. The pool has an amazing view and the late afternoon light is absolutely perfect!

poderi arcangelo poderi arcangelo wedding decorations poderi arcangelo panoramic view poderi arcangelo panoramic view with swimming pool

Fattoria di Cinciano – Poggibonsi, Siena

This is one of the most spectacular venues in Tuscany.

Fattoria di Cinciano is located in the area between San Gimignano and Certaldo and is totally immersed in the hills of olive trees. A beautiful venue with Tuscan style but at the same time very chic!

Let’s start with the garden terrace that can host the wedding ceremony. The panoramic view is fantastic to admire! Another striking feature is the interior of the villa with its classic furnishing.

The whole location is full of fantastic views for a photoshoot, including a very impressive avenue lined with cypress trees.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

fattoria di cinciano fountain fattoria di cinciano panoramic view fattoria di cinciano wedding ceremony spot fattoria di cinciano wedding table fattoria di cinciano cypresses road

Fattoria di Larniano – San Gimignano, Siena

Fattoria di Larniano is a very peaceful, hidden place surrounded by vineyards.

It is a beautiful property for a wedding and is located very close to San Gimignano.

The manor houses of the small hamlet are all in a rustic-style stone and the cobblestone driveway is ideal for an outdoor dinner with your guests.

A truly magical place!

The presence of large gardens and outdoor areas makes it a truly perfect venue for those looking for a Tuscan wedding.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

Fattoria di Larniano Fattoria di Larniano tower Fattoria di Larniano garden and swimming pool Fattoria di Larniano courtyard with wedding table Fattoria di Larniano garden with wedding tables

Fattoria di Corsignano – Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena

La Fattoria di Corsignano is a wedding venue located in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany where excellent wine is produced, amongst other things.

The particular beauty of this structure is its restaurant with a large park and swimming pool. It is here that tables are usually set up for dinner in the shade of a majestic tree.

Fattoria di Corsignano swimming pool Fattoria di Corsignano wedding table Fattoria di Corsignano Fattoria di Corsignano garden with wedding table

Borghetto Poggio Bianco – Radicondoli, Siena

I loved this place from the first minute I saw it!

A small rustic-style stone farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan countryside and Chianti woods.

Being here is a bit like unplugging and recharging. A charming place that is also perfect, naturally, for weddings. The grove can be an incredible location for the ceremony, while the courtyard outside the farmhouse is an ideal place for dinner.

It’s worth a look!

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

borghetto poggio bianco love in words under the tree borghetto poggio bianco swimming pool borghetto poggio bianco wedding tables borghetto poggio bianco wedding dinner

Borgo Stomennano – Monteriggioni, Siena

Absolutely one of my favorite locations for a wedding in Tuscany.

It is truly a magical place. The interiors are furnished and elegantly enriched, and the environment is very luxurious, despite keeping in line with the state of the original structure.

The exteriors are magnificent: the cypress-lined driveway, the road to the village where the ceremony is usually held, the tree-lined inner courtyard where dinner tables are set up. In short, it is a marvel!

The part that I really love about this place is the side olive grove where you have a magnificent view of Monteriggioni, especially during the golden hour just before sunset.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

borgo stomennano main entrance road borgo stomennano borgo stomennano wedding tables borgo stomennano wedding dinner

Castel Monastero – Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena

This ancient village in the middle of Tuscany has been totally renovated and converted into a little gem of a luxury resort with swimming pools and a spa.

The central square is a wonderful place to celebrate a wedding and set up tables for the reception.

The atmosphere of peace and relaxation is incredible within this village.

Absolutely must be seen!

castelmonastero swimming pool castelmonastero main entrance castelmonastero courtyard castelmonastero courtyard tower

Agriturismo Borgo Castelvecchi – Radda in Chianti, Siena

Let’s say that this corner of paradise is the ideal place for a Tuscan-style wedding.

The main villa houses unique beauty and the interiors are splendid, especially the impressive staircase that leads to the upper floors.

It is located in a small village that has a small central square with outside space to set up tables and a beautiful Italian garden in front of the villa.

It is surrounded by magnificent vineyards with fantastic lighting, especially in the late afternoon.

borgo castelvecchi villa borgo castelvecchi villa with garden borgo castelvecchi swiiming pool borgo castelvecchi wedding couple with panoramic view

Tenuta di Papena – Chiusdino, Siena

This is a small estate surrounded by the Sienese hills, a beautiful panorama that is one of the best that you can have.

It is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding! It is located near the Abbey of San Galgano and is a small treasure waiting to be discovered.

The swimming pool is beautiful, but what is especially nice is the small central square where the tables are set up for dinner.

The atmosphere is 100% Tuscan-style!

tenuta di papena swimming pool tenuta di papena courtyard with wedding tables

Wedding Venues in Lucca:

Villa Bernardini – Lucca

Are you looking for the perfect Tuscan-style villa for your wedding?

Villa Bernardini is a historic residence and museum. It is a magical location for a wedding; a pearl immersed in the Lucca countryside. Its most particular place of beauty is located in the gardens: there is a wonderful park in front of the villa with two driveways along the sides where wedding ceremonies are usually held; then there is a beautiful English garden in the shape of an amphitheater enriched with statues; and there is also one next to the villa which contains a lemon house and a beautiful circular fountain.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

villa bernardini garden ceremony decorations villa bernardini garden with fountain villa bernardini fountain

Villa Rinascimento – Santa Maria del Giudice, Lucca

If you are a fan of Italian-style loggias and terraces, this villa is for you. Usually weddings are celebrated right on the terrace with a wonderful view of the countryside of Lucca. It is a  beautiful location where the outside can also be utilized, thanks to the lovely adjacent garden where receptions are usually held.

The villa has a panoramic swimming pool and a beautiful olive grove, which is nice to take pictures of the newlyweds, also because of the wonderful light filtration.

villa rinascimento ceremony in the terrace villa rinascimento villa rinascimento detail villa rinascimento wedding couple

Villa Buonvisi – Lucca

This villa is a delightful location to celebrate a wedding.

Impeccably maintained and very elegant, even though it has still managed to keep its vintage charm.

The interiors are delightful, and it boasts a large park and a beautiful swimming pool adjacent to the villa.

villa buonvisi gardenvilla buonvisi swimming pool

Augustus Beach Bambaissa – Forte dei Marmi, Lucca

Would you like a wedding in Tuscany on the beach?

Here is one of the most beautiful and elegant locations where you can celebrate a barefoot wedding on the sand.

This place is absolutely ideal if you are organizing an informal yet chic wedding. It has large reception rooms and beautiful outdoor spaces!

The beach is the perfect place for a photoshoot, but if you want something really original, you can not miss out on the chance to have some pictures taken in the huts.

augustus beach bambaissa wedding ceremony on the beach augustus beach bambaissa dining hall augustus beach bambaissa details

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini – Segromigno in Monte, Lucca

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini is one of those locations that is not easy to forget.

Celebrating a wedding here is one of the most enchanting experiences you can have in Tuscany. Do not miss the chance to see it!

I love it! Perhaps because of its magnificent view or the beauty of the villa and the area in front where the ceremony is held—or perhaps because of the beautiful park with a winding path through the trees, adjacent to the villa.

A lovely place to have a couples photoshoot.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

fattoria mansi bernardini wedding ceremony villa fattoria mansi bernardini limonaia fattoria mansi bernardini garden fattoria mansi bernardini wedding dinner fattoria mansi bernardini swimming pool

Borgo Giusto – Borgo a Mozzano, Lucca

This relais is located in a lesser-known area of ​​Tuscany but is incredibly beautiful.

Borgo Giusto is located in the hills of Lucca, surrounded by the silence of the surrounding woods where small, uncontaminated streams wind. An oasis to relax and fully enjoy the surrounding landscape.

This completely restored ancient village is a perfect location to celebrate a dream wedding in Tuscany.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

borgo giusto borgo giusto wedding tables borgo giusto panoramic view borgo giusto swimming pool

Casale De’ Pasquinelli – Capannori, Lucca

This wedding location is really a small gem with a magnificent view in the hills of Lucca.

The property is an old country house that has been renovated and is surrounded by hills filled with olive trees. Not surprisingly, this area produces an olive oil of exceptional quality.

The best areas of this location are undoubtedly the garden with a view for the dinner, the panoramic terrace where you can celebrate the wedding, and the lawn with olive trees.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

casale pasquinelli apartments casale pasquinelli panoramic terrace casale pasquinelli garden with olive trees casale pasquinelli wedding dinner with amazing view

Villa Grabau – San Pancrazio, Lucca

Perhaps one of the most beautiful villas in Lucca! Stately, elegant and refined.

It is ideal if you are organizing a luxury wedding in a Tuscan villa.

The interiors are very chic and classic, but what I really think makes it a magical place is the outdoor spaces.

The park is a spectacle of nature with magnificent trees. There is also an Italian garden with a small pond containing water lilies. Aboveall, the lemon house is truly magnificent where tables are set up for receptions!

villa grabau main entrance villa grabau gardens villa grabau limonaia villa grabau wedding tables limonaia

I Cedri – Barga, Lucca

This farmhouse is located in the hills of Lucca in a very scenic area with an exceptional view.

It’s a beautiful location for a wedding—full of different angles where you can have your photoshoot, for example near the the panoramic swimming pool, in the olive grove, next to an old gate with two tall cedars, or in a small cane thicket with vineyards all around!

i cedri garden i cedri gate with bicycle i cedri wedding dinner in the garden

Wedding Venues in Pisa:

Villa di Corliano – Corliano, Pisa

This is a beautiful historic home that will leave you speechless.

It is a majestic villa with a huge park in front.

Because it is very large, it has numerous rooms and is surrounded by a wonderful garden.

The small church inside really makes it an incredible location to celebrate a wedding.

villa di corliano villa di corliano church

Valle di Badia – Buti, Pisa

What could be better than a completely renovated Tuscan-style village for your wedding?

This describes Valle di Badia! It is a venue perfectly located in the hilly Pisano area, between vineyards and olive trees, in absolute silence.

The beauty of this place is that it has a wonderful lemon grove in a very capacious shabby-chic style where dinner is usually held.

There is a large swimming pool and extensive gardens. A small church is also located there where it is possible to hold religious ceremonies.

valle di badia limonaia wedding tables valle di badia valle di badia swimming pool valle di badia wedding couple

Borgo di Colleoli Resort – Colleoli, Pisa

This is a spectacular place surrounded by greenery and beautiful outdoor spaces.

You will be left speechless when you see the driveway to the Borgo di Colleoli Resort!

If you are looking for a location that lets you breathe in a relaxed atmosphere right in the heart of Tuscany, look no further!

Villa del Lupo – Arena Metato, San Giuliano Terme, Pisa

It is always a pleasure for me to do wedding photoshoots in new places and discover new locations every time.

Villa il Lupo was really a wonderful surprise for me.

Beautiful interior spaces and beautiful outdoor spaces with perfectly kept gardens. Plus, a lemon house where you can set up the reception with woods around it—perfect for a photoshoot!

Wedding Venues in Prato:

Tenuta la Borriana – Carmignano, Prato

For me, it is always a pleasure to work on a wedding photoshoot at Tenuta la Borriana.

This is also a rustic Tuscan-style location which is perfectly maintained.

One of the most beautiful areas is undoubtedly the panoramic terrace where the ceremony is usually held.

The surrounding landscape that can be admired from this terrace is magnificent!

Do not underestimate the presence of a swimming pool with stunning views, vineyards and olive trees everywhere!

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

Villa medicea di Artimino – Artimino, Prato

Otherwise known as Villa dei Cento Camini, due to the presence of numerous chimneys on the roof.

This villa is one of a kind—large, majestic and beautiful. An elegant mix of villa and fortification.

It has a beautifully-kept park surrounding it, and a wonderful panoramic view.

The staircase in front of the villa is distinctive and perfect for group photos!

There is a small forest that you cross before arriving to the villa. Please stop for some pictures!

Wedding Venues in Arezzo:

Agriturismo Antico Fio – Poppi, Arezzo

Personally, I think the relaxing atmosphere of Antico Fio is hard to find elsewhere.

It is an old farmhouse, which has been completely renovated with a rustic style. It is located just minutes away from Poppi and its majestic medieval castle.

The view from the farm is beautiful and you can also admire the castle from there.

The feature that I love about this location is the very large outdoor spaces. The lawn and gardens surrounding the estate are wonderful and are perfect for a wedding.

Wedding Venues in Livorno:

Grand Hotel Villa Parisi – Castiglioncello, Livorno

Do you like the idea of a seaside wedding in Tuscany?

This is definitely a location that you must see. Villa Parisi is the perfect venue for two lovers who have decided to swear their eternal love to each other on a cliff overlooking the sea.

The perfectly maintained and recently refurbished villa offers one of the most incredible views that you could wish for, especially at sunset.

From the villa, there is a narrow path that goes down to the bottom of the cliff where you can find a spectacular spot that is perfect for a photoshoot.

Wedding Venues in Pistoia:

Villa il Salicone – Serravalle Pistoiese, Pistoia

Villa il Salicone is a hidden treasure in the hills of Pistoia.

A very elegant and well-maintained villa, both inside and out.

The tree-lined driveway leading to the villa is very impressive and the light that filters in through the trees in the late afternoon is very unique.

It is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees and has a large garden on one side where tables are usually set up for receptions.

If you want to see a real wedding shooted here, click here!

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